World's Best 11 Quilled Paper Art Design Ideas to Materialize


In art there are numerous ways to express yourself and while others prefer the usual art such as painting or drawing, some pursue the less known means of expression such as quilling or kirigami. Though it is not as popular as drawing or painting, quilled paper art is a fun type of art that simply needs colorful paper strips, glue and a lot of imagination. 

1. Knowing the basic steps and styles is the first step 

If you are a newbie in this type of art, these are the common quilled paper shapes you must learn to do and appreciate. From these, you can start thinking of what figure or art you would want to do.

2. Complete guide for quilled paper art 

Here’s a guide of quilling paper for the newbies who want to start something unique. Following step by step and be patient because this is the secret to success in this easy craft project.

3. This project captures the beauty of nature even in the simplest form 

If you are not yet used to the basics, then this art can show you that practice makes perfect and it only starts with twists.

4. Not much twist and turns, but definitely makes the art personal 

This type of art does not have to be too complicated and this example is key. This design takes art to a personal level.

5. Capture the heart of your loved ones 

Paper love tree bring you a lot of emotions in your life. Try it, don’t be shy!

6. Express your love in words everyone can understand 

How else can you show your love than making art through the word itself? It’s simple and gives you a thousand meanings in just one word.

7. Love magazine pages 

Use pages of magazines and you get beautiful details on a beautiful art.

8. Perfect paper owl 

Simple curves and twists can bring out the beauty of nature. Any nature lover would agree that this art expresses the simplicity and elegance of nature.

9. Small owl made with quilled paper art 

Miniature owl that’s perfect as a charm, try it and you will have a nice gift to offer.

10. Blue Seahorse 

Another example of why quilled paper art is perfect for people who loves nature. A blue seahorse that looks amazing.

11. Autumn leaf 

An autumn leaf will surely make your guests and loved ones stare in awe. This autumn leaf shows the intricate details we find in nature and beautiful each details is.

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